My Ancestors

I write a great deal of stories, lately I have been writing a number of stories about my ancestors.  Since they are all over the blog, I figured I would start a page that outlines some of them and their wonderful children, as I write about them.  I will continue to update this as I write stories.

Note: My direct ancestors are indicated by numbers.  The open bullet points indicate children or relatives I have written stories on that aren't my direct line.  I also have linked pertinent posts from this blog that relate to each family that directly impacted them, as well as articles I wrote on the platform HubPages that directly impacted them (Hubpages articles are noted).  


  1. Jacob Bupp - he has a whole series of blogs dedicated to him


  1. Anna Sperry Cox
  2. Jean Cox


  1. John Fielding Sr.
  2. James Fielding - has a series of blog posts dedicated to him.  



  1. Henderson McDonald



  1. *Note here* I haven't written about any of my Pfeiffer ancestors yet, though I have written one post on a Pfeiffer thus far.


  1. Dominique Vautier and Marie DeLaittre were part of the French 500.  Read that story on my Hub
  2. William John Vautier
Another blog post about this family, but no one specifically, is The Vautiers: Truck Farming


  1. Elizabeth Marie Hans (Waldspurger)
  2. Florian Waldspurger was involved in the Hatfield Train Wreck of 1900 that took his life.  This and the aftermath of that accident are both on my Hub.
Other blog posts about this family, though no one specifically, include Men and Motorcycles: The Waldspurger Passion,  Stocking Making: A Family Industry, The Franco Prussian War and its Impact on my Alsatian Family,  and Alsace: Is it French or German?


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