27 August 2013

The Abinah Wood Project is complete.

I feel remiss.  I haven't posted any information in the past month about the book.  It seems that I go from one extreme to another from time to time.  I went from working full bore on the book to working full bore at my summer job and didn't really have a chance to catch up on my blogging.

The Abinah Wood book project is complete for 2013.

For those who are clueless as to what I have been doing, you can get caught up here. (That will open in a new window.)

The book is available for purchase, but you can read it online for free at either of the links below.  There is a glitch that you might see on some of the reports in the book in the online version, but they DO NOT show up in the print edition. 
For the purchase of the book, the price set is the printing price.  I have opted out of receiving royalties for this project because I felt the information was not mine alone, but everyone's to share, same as with any of my family books that I have published.

The link to the Softcover: http://www.bookemon.com/book-profile/the-expanded-history-and-genealogy-of-the-descendants-of-abinah-wood-and-susannah-humphreys/295322

Enjoy.  If you have any additions you want to make, let me know.  I can still add them to the family database.

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