25 January 2013

The best wedding gift I had recieved

We are getting into wedding season, and I thought I would share the best wedding gift I received when I married nearly six years ago.  It was actually a gift I received at my bridal shower.  This gift could also make a nice housewarming or going away to college gift as well.

My mom and my sister, when thinking about what I would want as a new wife, brainstormed together to make me a box of things needed in a new place. So they got a large under the bed plastic storage box with a good sturdy locking lid and filled it with some common items that one usually doesn't associate with a wedding gift, such as:

1. A box of trash bags
2. An already filled salt and pepper shaker, with extra salt and pepper
3. A package of disinfecting cleaning wipes

4. Pot holders
5. A can opener
6. A Swiffer sweeper and a package of dust cloth refills
7. Sponges and dish brushes
8. Dish Towels
9. Some plastic food storage containers
10. Wooden spoons

Plus a gift card to to one of the discount stores for anything else I needed to get.

I wish I could remember what else was in the box, but it was packed full.  And since it was all packed in a tote box, it was ready for moving into my new place.  In fact, it was one of the first things I opened when I moved in.  What was especially nice was that they tailored it to my needs and wants, and put in things that would have been overlooked as my dear husband and I were moving in.  Most of the items could be bought at the dollar store, and the box has been useful as well.

So if you are looking for a useful gift item for a loved one on their wedding day, here's one idea.  Trust me, it's one of the best gifts the will ever receive.

Thanks Mom and Sis!

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