27 August 2013

The Abinah Wood Project is complete.

I feel remiss.  I haven't posted any information in the past month about the book.  It seems that I go from one extreme to another from time to time.  I went from working full bore on the book to working full bore at my summer job and didn't really have a chance to catch up on my blogging.

The Abinah Wood book project is complete for 2013.

For those who are clueless as to what I have been doing, you can get caught up here. (That will open in a new window.)

The book is available for purchase, but you can read it online for free at either of the links below.  There is a glitch that you might see on some of the reports in the book in the online version, but they DO NOT show up in the print edition. 
For the purchase of the book, the price set is the printing price.  I have opted out of receiving royalties for this project because I felt the information was not mine alone, but everyone's to share, same as with any of my family books that I have published.

The link to the Softcover: http://www.bookemon.com/book-profile/the-expanded-history-and-genealogy-of-the-descendants-of-abinah-wood-and-susannah-humphreys/295322

Enjoy.  If you have any additions you want to make, let me know.  I can still add them to the family database.

09 April 2013

Update on the Abinah Wood Descendant Project


Since I missed my January 2013 deadline, I figured I would do another post about the The Expanded History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Abinah Wood and Susannah Humphreys.  You can find the original post here.  (That will open in a new window)

I am now working towards a print deadline of June 2013, as many factors have made the January 2013 deadline difficult.

Currently, I have biographies written on each of the fourteen children of Abinah and Susannah, as well as some biographies on their descendants as I get them in.  I have also done most of the research on each branch of the descendants, and while some branches are still lacking, I have run up against brick walls.

Some of the Wood descendants
It is a STILL frustrating job!

There is still much to do.  I am working on gathering information for biographies on as many of the descendants as possible.  There is also the problem of every time I get data formatted and start organizing book pages, I find new info that I want included.

There are still the family squabbles and general nitpicking of data, and also a reluctance on the parts of some to send me information when asked, but then send me emails arguing that I have wrong info because they have the data I need.  There is still the headache of trying to be diplomatic when info doesn't mesh and I have to make a decision on what gets included and how.  And then there's the waiting around for information, as this is not a full time job for any of the family members I work with, including myself, as I work one full time and one part time job.  Genealogy and book writing are tiring tasks at times, and this is one that will be richly rewarded in having a book that future generations can enjoy.
Words I try to live by while working on this project.

Shameless promotion plug here:

If you are wondering what surnames I am looking for in this project, here are just a few in the tree:


If you think you might be a part of this family, there is a group that was started years ago on Yahoo! Groups called The Abinah Wood Descendants.  The purpose of the group is the promotion of any and all discussion regarding the couple and any of their descendants.  This group has been a big help to me and to those who have joined it.

And as always, if anyone has info they would love to share with me, contact me!  The deadline for getting information in for the book is May 1, but if you read this after that deadline, I can still add it to my family tree database and our family tree website online at The Genealogical History of The Wood, Waldspurger, Kolek, Davis and Extended Families.  

Again, Charles Wesley Chapman Wood, who is listed in the book, was my paternal great-grandfather.

25 January 2013

The best wedding gift I had recieved

We are getting into wedding season, and I thought I would share the best wedding gift I received when I married nearly six years ago.  It was actually a gift I received at my bridal shower.  This gift could also make a nice housewarming or going away to college gift as well.

My mom and my sister, when thinking about what I would want as a new wife, brainstormed together to make me a box of things needed in a new place. So they got a large under the bed plastic storage box with a good sturdy locking lid and filled it with some common items that one usually doesn't associate with a wedding gift, such as:

1. A box of trash bags
2. An already filled salt and pepper shaker, with extra salt and pepper
3. A package of disinfecting cleaning wipes

4. Pot holders
5. A can opener
6. A Swiffer sweeper and a package of dust cloth refills
7. Sponges and dish brushes
8. Dish Towels
9. Some plastic food storage containers
10. Wooden spoons

Plus a gift card to to one of the discount stores for anything else I needed to get.

I wish I could remember what else was in the box, but it was packed full.  And since it was all packed in a tote box, it was ready for moving into my new place.  In fact, it was one of the first things I opened when I moved in.  What was especially nice was that they tailored it to my needs and wants, and put in things that would have been overlooked as my dear husband and I were moving in.  Most of the items could be bought at the dollar store, and the box has been useful as well.

So if you are looking for a useful gift item for a loved one on their wedding day, here's one idea.  Trust me, it's one of the best gifts the will ever receive.

Thanks Mom and Sis!