25 March 2012

Adventures in substitute teaching : The "Thingy"

This conversation is not made up in any way shape or form.  It is too weird!

A few weeks ago, I subbed in a class that was doing a project where they had to plan out trips on the computer with a budget.

A young lady raised her hand and I went over to help her.

Girl: "What's the 'thingy' in Missouri?"
Me: "There's a lot of 'thingies' in Missouri.  Which one?"
Girl: (sighs) "You know, the 'thingy'!"
Me: (Trying to be helpful) Where in Missouri are you researching?  Maybe that will help me find the 'thingy' you are searching for."
Girl: (by this time she's clearly annoyed I have no idea what she's talking about) "You know, that thingy in Missouri!  Oh, nevermind."

She turns and begins furiously pounding on her notebook's keys.

I still have no idea what "thingy" she was looking up.

Just goes to show, teachers are expected to be mind readers  (j/k)

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