My First Love: Teaching

When I say I am an educator first and foremost, I mean it.

I was the kid who loved playing school and always had my nose in one book or another.  Ever since I had taught myself to read at age four, I was dreaming up lesson plans for stuffed animals and my sometimes willing siblings.  I would teach my friends to do tricks and ride bikes and such.  I was always the one with a book in my hand and loving to share what I learned.  Some thought I'd outgrow it.  I haven't.

I even found jobs that would allow me to teach. I was a swim teacher and coach for 10 years with in Orange County, California.  I have taught Bible studies and life lessons to kids of all ages at my church.  I mentored other students through my high school and helped friends with studying and paper editing.  In college, I tutored elementary aged kids and taught English on mission trips to Mexico.

I went into college with one thing on my mind: becoming a history teacher.  You see, I have always loved history and I have always loved teaching, so I figured I'd put the two hand in hand.  But fate decided that I wasn't getting the scholarship money I needed to get into the teaching credential program after I graduated with my BA.  But that didn't stop me.  After taking a few years off to just teach swimming and learn who I was, I got my substitute's credential and went into the schools as a substitute.  That was many years ago.  I haven't looked back.

Sure, I'd love to get my teaching credential one day, but I love what I do as a substitute.  I often see the same kids day in and day out, but I never have to worry about little more then getting the day's lesson taken care of.  I have a change of scenery and flexibility that I enjoy, and I am still teaching and still learning new things every day.

I blame my mother for all of this.  She started this love of learning and teaching in me by teaching me my alphabet and insisting I learn to think for myself.